Circus Experience

Have you ever dreamt of running away with the circus?

We offer real circus experience in travelling circuses, giving you the opportunity to learn the routes of circus life and not just the thrills of the crowds.

You will learn all aspects of circus including all the behind the scenes toil that goes with the moving a full circus, erecting big tops, promoting shows and dealing with customers.

One of the many advantages of ‘learning on the job’ is you will learn to perform with experienced artists, some with generations of handed down skills, who are competent in their adaptability to perform and assist in the management of all aspects of the circus. You will have access to training and development space with facilities suitable for your performing needs.

Many circus stars have started out in travelling circus, getting a taste for life on the road and developing performance skills, and have followed on to recognised circus schools to gain qualifications in their desired performance area.

Others have obtained circus qualifications and have sought novice employment within the travelling environment to broaden their employment spectrum.